Introducing WTE

Women Technology Entrepreneurs is an online programme that brings together core elements of entrepreneurship training sprinkled with key aspects of technology curricula, focused on the needs of nascent and early start female entrepreneurs. Available for free once registered on

WTE offers a targeted and informative learning experience for female entrepreneurs assisting them to explore, understand and exploit technology for the benefit of their business whilst building key skills in terms of marketing, business management, communication and business networking.

Based on a menu of 10 modules covering a range of business and technology themes such as: 

  • Creativity and Ideas Generation
  • Communications
  • Effective Business Networking
  • European Business Cultures
  • Software tools for running your business
  • e-Business
  • Web Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Practical Business Management
  • Customer Care

A female entrepreneur can choose the subjects most relevant to her and complete them in her own time and at her own pace. Study aids including resource library, online glossary, networking workshops and online tutor support is available to all registered students.

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